eNICQ 5 Technical Architecture

Please note that this information has been prepared to provide an IT professional with a brief technical overview of the eNICQ 5 application and the resources needed to work with it.

Purpose: The eNICQ 5 application is a data entry program that collects and submits information to the Vermont Oxford Network for quality improvement purposes.

Client: The client portion is a Windows® form application that uses the Microsoft® .NET framework. The client is deployed using Windows® Installer (.msi) technology. Your organization is responsible for installation using the install package and resources we provide.

Database: The database is hosted locally by your organization on an instance of SQL Server®. You can use an existing instance of SQL Server® 2012 or higher or you can use the free copy of SQL Server® Express that is included with the installer.

Vermont Oxford Network recommends that you host the database in an existing instance of SQL Server® 2012 or higher if possible. Having the database secured and maintained by a database administrator will reduce the long term risk and workload for your IT staff. Bringing a database administrator into the discussion of this product as early as possible is recommended.

If your organization doesn’t already use SQL Server®, you will need to install SQL Server® Express (included with the eNICQ 5 installer). Other database formats are not supported.

Server Side Elements: There are no server side executables for the eNICQ 5 application. All executables are installed to the client machine only. The only potential server-based element is the database, depending on the hosting option you’ve chosen.

Data Submission: The eNICQ 5 user initiates data submissions from the client application to Vermont Oxford Network. Data is de-identified before being submitted, and is transmitted via streaming XML over HTTPS at 256 bit encryption or higher. For member centers that have signed appropriate legal agreements with Vermont Oxford Network to share Protected Health Information (PHI), certain PHI data fields will be included in the encrypted transmission.

Data Interface: The eNICQ 5 application is capable of receiving data either through a direct ODBC connection to the designated interface tables, or by importing a correctly formatted .CSV file. Data received is specific to the Vermont Oxford Network’s requirements. This is not an HL7 interface. Sending data to this interface requires customization by your organization or by your EHR or other software vendor.

HIPAA and Security: The eNICQ 5 database hosted by your organization will contain protected information. It is your organization’s responsibility to secure this database. See the eNICQ 5 System Administrator’s Guide for recommendations on securing the database.

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