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eNICQ 5 software is made available to all Vermont Oxford Members as a benefit of membership. It allows for the collection, error checking, and submission of infant records for both the VLBW and Expanded Databases. eNICQ 5 is a windows application that uses the .NET framework and a SQL Server database. Its features include:

  • An enhanced Patient Log, with the ability to sort, filter, and group records.
  • Context-sensitive help, including data item definitions and ranges embedded within the data entry forms.
  • The capability to enter and submit data for multiple Vermont Oxford Network centers in the same database.
  • Ability for multiple users to perform data entry at one time; allows users who collect data for multiple centers to input their data to a single version of the software.
  • Extensive error checking of data to provide immediate feedback on data quality and accuracy.

Trouble updating your transfer codes? Please click here for more information about this known issue in eNICQ 5.

Product Knowledgebase

eNICQ 5 Troubleshooting
eNICQ 5 Documentation
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Patient Log Tutorial
Error and Warning Explorer Tutorial

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